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I’m told the tradition started about a decade ago as the Christian HELP staff wanted a way to recognize the moment they learn of a job seeker getting a job. That is, the tradition of ringing a bell in the office every time a job seeker reports of getting a job. Click to read more!

A couple of weeks ago a co-worker handed me the book “Simple Trust Simple Prayers” by Cindy Mallin. Wow – game changer!

The writings are of George Mueller, a minister who pioneered five orphanages in England during the 1800s. Mueller relied solely on God for his provisions. I mean solely!! Click to read more!

A friend of a friend of a friend. Sometimes that’s how it all starts, referrals to Christian HELP I mean.

A lot of time people want to know how job seekers hear about us, find us, etc. The answer is often, word of mouth. We are not unusual in the fact that as with most businesses, the best way to get new customers are through referrals. Case in point…

When I asked Alicia (pictured right) if I could take her picture she hesitated a bit but then smiled. “I just got off the graveyard shift at work and didn’t have time to get ready.” Alicia works overnight at a gas station to support her little boys, both of which have autism. Click to read more!

Phil’s wife heard me speak somewhere and I encouraged her and her husband to come to Christian HELP for job search assistance. They did and upon their first appointment, I said hello before they were introduced to their Care Manager. Phil’s wife was outgoing and enthusiastic, but Phil, not so much. He was reserved and obviously uncomfortable. Click to read more!

Sometimes when life gets tough, you’ve just got to dance. And that is exactly what Karla is doing. She isn’t dancing to forget her problems, she is dancing because she has hope for her situation. Click to read more!

When the present is bright, it is easy to imagine and assume that the future will be that way too. We met George last December after his promising future came crashing down. George, originally from Illinois, had worked for the US Post Office for most of his career. He, like many Americans, lived a comfortable life – house, car, decent paying job. Click to read more!

Raul came to the US in June of 2016. He was born in Puerto Rico and has lived in Cuba and most recently in Venezuela. As the situation in Venezuela began to worsen, Raul and his family made the decision for him to move to the US to look for work, leaving his wife and 12-year-old son behind.

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