To assist with our employment, material and spiritual support services, we offer various programs for which clients can sign up and or participate in to receive much needed help. If you would like to receive help through any of these programs, simply follow the links and contact the individual specified.

Central Florida Employment Council (CFEC)

The Central Florida Employment Council (CFEC) is a premier employment and career network serving the employment community. In 1994, CFEC was created as a partnership with employers by us to better serve Central Florida’s employment needs online and in the community. Today, CFEC consists of 35 Board Members and over 800 members who are Employers and Human Resource professionals with recruiting responsibilities. Programs include monthly networking meetings with educational seminars for employers, some of the largest job-fairs & employment seminars to job-seekers in the Central Florida region, as well as an online employment resource website. CFEC works to match employers with job candidates; it provides Central Florida employers resources, tools and networking opportunities, while providing job seekers the resources, tools and knowledge to seek and prepare for jobs.
Christian HELP Rx saver

Save up to 65% for each prescription filled and an average of 40% annually on your medications by using our Discount Prescription Card! This card was created for the entire family, companies, groups and organizations, seniors (Great for “Donut Hole Prescriptions”) students and pets. Visit this site to create your FREE discount prescription card and simply present your card at any of our participating retail pharmacies (most national chains and many independents) to start saving on all of your generic and brand name prescription drugs and medicine. There is no enrollment form, no membership fee, and it is available for immediate use. Use the card as often as you like whether you have insurance or not. There are no restrictions and no limits on how many times you may use your free discount prescription card.