Who We Are

We are a faith-based, non-profit organization located in the Orlando area. We are passionate about helping people find work and keep it. For 24 years we have provided free resources to the unemployed and underemployed in Central Florida.

What We Do

We connect job seekers with the tools they need, from resume assistance to interview preparation to job leads and more. All the while, providing food for their family, encouragement and prayer. 

Why We Do It

We care about people. We want to be a resource of hope and practical solutions because unemployment and underemployment affect the whole person as well as our community.

2015 Results

 12, 954 People Received Care, Counsel and Job Leads

 6,619 Gained Employment from CH Job Fairs

 155 Completed CH 7-Day Job Search Training

 1,432,158 lbs of Food Distributed to Job Seekers

Updated: 10/27/2016