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  At the beginning of this month, April walked into our Christian HELP office looking for direction. As a mother of four, she felt the weight of not only providing for her family but also being there for them physically and emotionally. The jobs she had just weren't cutting it. She needed something permanent, something where she could build a foundation.

  So she sat down with Barbara, one of our Care Managers. After some advice and prayer, Barbara told April about our upcoming Job Fair. April attended the Job Fair and not only got help with her resume but she also was able to apply for a number of jobs. April didn't stop there! No, she is a go-getter. She signed up for our job training course (CFJI) where she learned valuable skills such as job search tactics and networking. Being the ambitious young lady that she is (see...we told you!) she decided that the best way to support the future of her family would be to enroll in school.

  April is currently enrolled in Seminole State College, building a foundation that will pave the way to success.
Updated: 05/27/2016