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Board of directors & Staff

Board of Directors

Stefan Herzog, Jr.

Board Chair

Bob Allen

Carolyn Previty

Vickie Andersen

Vice Chair

Cheryl Anderson

Peter Hamilton


Mike Henderson

Jeff Zimmerman


Vickie Martin

Executive Director

Jackie Avery, CFRE

Employment Services
Team Manager

Phil Horner

CORE Coach - Income

Logan Martin

Communications Coordinator

Welton James

Relationship Manager

Mark Blanton

Pantry & Facilities

Britt Johnson

Volunteer Coordinator

Rebekah Morin

Thrift Store Manager

Tracy Trimblett

Director of
Employment & Training

Alisha Costin

Entry Coordinator

Phyllis Johnson-Mabery

Program Assistant

Jeannette Persichetti

Lead Entry Coordinator

Paulette Weir

Director of
CFEC Division

Matthew Goodnow


Sara Mankrious


Kimberly Quigley

CORE Coach - Income

Alexis Tassone

Executive & Development Assistant, Financial Coach