We are continuing to require face coverings and social distancing in and out of our buildings.
It is our mission at Christian HELP to
prevent homelessness by helping people find jobs, 
while providing for them
materially & spiritually.
Groceries. Meals. Snacks. Food.
By giving clients access to our food pantry,
we provide them with groceries so they can spend their money on other needs.

The average family of 4 spends
$900-$1,100 on grocery bills per month. By coming to Christian HELP, that bill

becomes almost $0.

Prayer is powerful & God is our biggest resource. We believe in praying for our clients directly, should they want it, & pray for them indirectly every morning. For every need we can't provide, we keep an in-depth pool of resources to find our clients the help they seek.
E-mail [email protected] for
questions or concerns.

Office Hours


9:30 am-3:00 pm; 3:00pm-5:00pm by appointment

Stories of hope: on camera

Real stories. Real people.
Check out these stories from
clients we've been blessed to help.
Your success story could be next!

Stories of Hope: On Pages

Real stories. Real people.
Read "Pages" out of our clients' lives
from their time at Christian HELP.
Your success story could be next!