Can you picture Christmas morning without gifts for your children under the tree?

We can’t either, yet we know job-seekers are facing that scenario this year.
That’s why Christian HELP provides a free shopping experience for clients in need at the holidays.
Our Christmas Extravaganza for job-seekers begins with a warm welcome, treats and Christmas music. Families receive prayer and are ushered into the decorated gym filled with unwrapped toys where they can shop for the perfect gifts for their children.

It doesn’t stop there! Families also receive a special box of groceries for the Christmas week, making the Extravaganza extra special.
It takes hundreds of people in the community to make this amazing event possible. We need you to help.

Please give your time, talent or treasure this year.

2017 Results

 16,298 Job Seekers Attended our CFEC Job Fairs

 5,972 People Received Care, Counsel and Job Leads

 7,530 Gained Employment

 896,481 lbs of Food Distributed to Job Seekers

 241 Families Were Provided Christmas

 3,231 Toys Were Distributed to Children at Christmas

 $33,132,000 in Taxpayer Savings

Updated: 12/13/2017