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How we give hope

The Mission

It is our mission at Christian HELP to prevent homelessness by helping people find work, providing resources, and offering spiritual encouragement.

The Vision

It is our vision at Christian HELP that everyone has the work that they want, the resources that they need and the knowledge that God loves them.
We are a small team. We work to maximize every dollar of your generous donations to provide families in our community the Hope, Encouragement, Love, and Prayer 
that they need to survive. 

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Christian HELP's desire is to show each individual that we interact with the love of Christ and hope for the future. 
Our services include preparing all our clients for their employment needs, providing their family groceries, and giving them the spiritual support they need.
Our work goes beyond just the emotional component. It provides solutions and resources people need to stand on their own.
We call it empowering family independence.
Your donations put food on the table so families can pay their housing costs.
Your donations provide the career counseling men and women need to get themselves standing on solid ground, or another step up the ladder of an ever-changing workforce.
 Here are some facts:
Your dollars at work have provided over 16 million pounds of food to hungry families in our 30-year history.
Your gifts have saved taxpayers like yourself, over $300 million in state and federal funding!
Your support has made possible the connection of over 140,000 jobs to those willing and able to work.
Your charity has blessed families with Christmas dinners and thousands of children with gifts.
Most of all, your financial support has provided hope. Hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and
what people need to keep striving toward a transformed life.
We are grateful for your partnership in our mission and
pray that you will continue to invest in the lives of your neighbors through Christian HELP.

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