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yolette's story

merry christmas

thank you from a christmas blessing

Thank you for providing christmas for my family

Mayor Demings shoutout

Heather's Christmas story

A Christmas Blessing: FedEx Thank You

thank you from a christmas blessing #2

alejandro's Story

help 1,000 children have christmas

Orange county mayor's job fair

A Christmas Blessing: volunteering

Christian HELp's 2022 Statement Video

Support Christian HELP!

your church can support christian help!

Christian HELP
Dr. Chloe Carmichael, Clinical Psychologist & Author
Check out this message from Dr. Chloe Carmichael!
She shares her reasoning, from a psychological standpoint,
as to WHY Christian HELP's work matters.

Take a look!

Cliff dwellers by Tracy Trimblett

Tracy Trimblett, Director of Employment & Training

There is an epidemic in America. No, not the one you’re thinking of.
Another one, which goes unnoticed because those in
need prefer not to draw attention
to themselves...Click the picture to read the article!
Christian HELP
Executive Director, Vickie & Entry Coordinator, Jeannette
Check out how YOUR church can partner with us!
If you are a part of a Spanish-speaking church, that's okay too!
This video is in Spanish & English for the benefit

of your congregation.

redeemed thrift store is open!

Redeemed Thrift Store
953 FL-436, Casselberry, FL 32707

We have launched Redeemed Thrift Store!
We're offering clothes, household goods, tools & more!
All your purchases support the programs of services of
Christian HELP.

a year at christian help

Christian HELP
Various Christian HELP Programs & Services

Check out what a whole year of impacting the community
looks like! From the food pantry to job fairs to 1-on-1 coaching, 

YOU have supported it all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Take a look!

Summer Match: job fair

CFEC Job Fair
Various Employers & Clients

Summer Match was a huge success!
We are so grateful for all your support & we'd love to have
you check out WHO you impacted! So take a look at the job seekers you're helping through CFEC job fairs.

Summer Match: Food pantry

Christian HELP Food Pantry
Various Christian HELP Clients

Summer Match was a huge success!
We are so grateful for all your support & we'd love to have
you check out WHO you impacted! So take a look at the families you're helping at the food pantry.

Mayor's Job Fair: 574 Job Seekers

CFEC Job Fair
Various Employers & Job Seekers

We had 574 job seekers attend our job fair! Thanks to your support,
hundreds of job seekers got to meet with almost 100 employers! Thank you for supporting us at christianhelp.org/give.
YOU are making a difference.

Sem. County Small Business Hiring Event

Seminole State College
Various Employers & Job Seekers

We had our 2nd Seminole County Small Business Hiring Event!
Thank you so much to all employers & job seekers that attended.
We offered classes for employers & job seekers beforehand, & then let the job seekers get to work - with some being hired right there!

BBQ to Bless: March 5, 2022

BBQ to Bless Event
Various Families

Take a look at what you missed from BBQ to Bless!
We had a great time hanging out, having fun,
& enjoying some delicious BBQ!
Stay tuned, you don't want to miss the next BBQ!

CFEC's January Job fair

CFEC Job Fair
Various Job Seekers

Job fairs are back in full swing for 2022!
Offering thousands of positions from a multitude of employers,
we are so excited to be back in the new year with fresh job opportunities. Check out how we had 528 job seekers come out!

Your support feeds local families

Christian HELP Food Pantry
Various Volunteers & Families

YOU have gotten over 1 MILLION pounds of food
distributed in 2021. YOU helped almost 200 families
receive a holiday meal. When you give, it supports programs
like our food pantry & A Christmas Blessing. Way to go!

End of year giving

A Christmas Blessing
Andy Searles, Church Together Pastor
Mike Henderson, Christian HELP Board Member
YOU created joy this holiday season.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our friends Mike & Andy
encourage you to still give at the end of this year.
YOU fund Christian HELP programs throughout the year.

A Christmas Blessing: Thank You's

A Christmas Blessing
Various Families

After the shopping experience, families
get to leave a thank you message for donors like YOU!
Listen to their gratitude as they share how impactful
A Christmas Blessing was for them!

Season of Giving: Food Pantry

Christian HELP Food Pantry
Various Volunteers & Families

As a part of the Season of Giving & A Christmas Blessing,
we work & save all year to provide families with a holiday meal
& groceries! Not only will they get a car-load of presents,
they'll be able to have a Christmas dinner too!

A Christmas Blessing: Day 1 update

A Christmas Blessing
Various Toy Partners & Families

How does collecting toys from local businesses
turn into a free shopping experience for local families?
Besides the obvious answer of a lot of hard work,
it's thanks to YOU!

Get Hired at the next job fair!

CFEC Job Fair
Various Job Seekers

Looking for a new job? A better job? A new career?
CFEC can help you with all that through our job fairs!
Check out the perks of attending our job fairs
& how that can help YOU!

Serving our seniors

Christian HELP Food Pantry
Various Senior Clients

Did you know what on Mondays, our food pantry is reserved for our Senior clients & those with special services? There is even a fund you can give to that directly supports our seniors, just use the drop down arrow to select their fund on any give box!

Volunteering & Giving back

Lynn, Volunteer & Invitation Homes Employee

Our volunteers all serve for a multitude of reasons.
Of course, ultimately, they want to give back.
Some have a story as to why they serve though,
& this is Lynn's story.

Families Make the Grade

Christian HELP Clients
Various Christian HELP Families

You helped local families
"Make the Grade" this summer.
Thank you for helping them meet their
physical, spiritual, & employment needs.

Summer Match: your impact

Christian HELP
Various Clients & Staff

Summer Match was a huge success!
We are so grateful for all your support & we'd love to have
you check out WHO you impacted! So take a look at all the ways you've been making a difference!

Summer Match: seniors' day

Christian HELP Food Pantry
Various Christian HELP Senior Clients

Summer Match was a huge success!
We are so grateful for all your support & we'd love to have
you check out WHO you impacted! So take a look at the seniors you're helping at the food pantry.

Troy's Story

Client Interview
Troy, Grateful Client

Troy became employed because of YOU.
Because of your support of Christian HELP's employment programs, Troy met 1-on-1 with our coaches who helped him get hired.

Check out his story!

National volunteer week 2022

Christian HELP
Various Christian HELP Employees

It's National Volunteer Week!
We had to get some of our staff saying thank you
& reiterating how important YOU are. Without you volunteers,
our work would not be possible. Thank you so much!

BBQ to Bless Promo Video

BBQ to Bless Event
Mike Henderson, Christian HELP Board Member

Want some delicious BBQ? Want to throw axes?
How about some cornhole or getting your face painted?
Check out how YOU can come to our BBQ to Bless event
& support Christian HELP services & programs at the same time!

Love Thy Neighbor: Feeding families

Christian HELP
Various Families

February is the season of love, so we launched our
Love Thy Neighbor campaign! Here's how your giving
can make a difference - by feeding local families!
Thank you for ensuring Central Floridians are food-secure.

There's still time to give

A Christmas Blessing
Eric Bartell, The Storehouse Church Pastor
Dave Henson, Mayor of Casselberry
Pastor Eric shares his thoughts on A Christmas Blessing,
& why YOU should give! Mayor David Henson also shares how
he supports Christian HELP & why YOU should too!
Thank you for your support throughout the year.

Merry Christmas 2021

A Christmas Blessing
Various Families

Our grateful families from A Christmas Blessing 2021
want to wish YOU a merry Christmas & happy New Year!
We want to wish you a merry Christmas too, and
thank you for your support!

A Christmas Blessing: In action

A Christmas Blessing
Various Families

YOU made Christmas possible for so many families!
They wanted to say thank you, and we wanted to show you what
A Christmas Blessing looks like. Thank you for
making all of this possible.

A Christmas Blessing: Day 2 update

A Christmas Blessing
Doug Prusak, Director of Development & Communications

Doug Prusak gives us an update on
A Christmas Blessing, Day 2! Thank you for making this extraordinary event possible, YOU are a part of giving so many families a Christmas.


Christian HELP
Various Toy Partners

Every year, we have the privilege of working with a TON
of local businesses that help collect new toys for
A Christmas Blessing, so that we can set up a toy store
for local parents to shop at, FOR FREE! Thank you toy partners!

Sem. county small business hiring event

Seminole State College
Various Employers & Job Seekers

We launched our first ever Seminole County
Small Business Hiring Event! Using Seminole State College, we showcased some local employers for local job seekers in

Seminole County! Check it out!

Getting Families Back to Work

CFEC Job Fair
Various Job Seekers

Now that our CFEC Job Fairs are getting "back to normal",
it's time to show how YOU are getting families back to work!
Check out your impact on Central Florida &
how you're connecting them with employers!

Look What You've Done!

Christian HELP Clients
Various Christian HELP Families

Jobs. Food. Resources. Hope.
These are all the ways YOU have been helping
Central Florida with your giving.
Thank you for being the resource your community needs!

CFEC July Job Fair

CFEC Job Fair
Various Job Seekers

Look how you helped
Central Floridians find work in July!
You are making a huge difference by
 giving & providing 6 job fairs per year!

2021 Women Who Move The City

Vickie Martin, Orlando Magazine
Executive Director

Click the picture to read the article on our
Executive Director, Vickie Martin!
As one of the powerful women in 2021 who "move the city",
she got a write-up done in Orlando Magazine!

Job seekers are back!

Thank you for meeting the spring match!

CFEC Job Fair
Erica, Job Seeker & Former Client

Christian HELP
Spring Match 2021

You are getting Central Florida back to work!
Listen as Erica shares how Christian HELP
has helped her find employment, &
connected her with more employers through the job fair!
We called, & YOU answered!
Thank you for helping raise $100,000
in 2 months for the Spring Match!
Check out how you impacted the community!

Behind the Scenes: Kelly's 1-on-1 coaching

Remote Interview
Kelly, Former Volunteer & Client
Tracy, our Director of Employment & Training,
coached a (now former) volunteer & client Kelly
about her upcoming job interview (where Kelly got hired!).
Check it out!

Behind the Scenes: Sol's Story

Volunteer Appreciation Week 2021

Christian HELP
Various Volunteers
We LOVE our volunteers!
Check out them at work in their various roles,
as we wanted to make an appreciation video
for Volunteer Appreciation Week 2021!

Behind the scenes: Care Management

Remote Interview
Sol, Current Client
Christian HELP
Various Care Managers
Sol graciously shared part of her
job search story, as she continues to look for work

with her Care Manager. As a current client, her search is
ongoing but she's faithful!
Care Managers volunteer their time
to help clients find work! Watch & listen as
they share WHY they serve &
do what they do.

Getting Central Florida back to work

Christian HELP: A Family

CFEC Job Fair
Various Job Seekers
Christian HELP
Various Volunteers
You are getting Central Florida back to work!
We had 60 employers & 1,000+ job openings
at the job fair on 3/24/21. Hear from job seekers
as they share what it's like job hunting in 2021!
Our volunteers enjoy being the bridge between you,
your gifts, and the community. Listen as they tell you
what it's like making relationships with
their peers and the clients they serve.

Connecting you with your community

Job Fairs are back!

Christian HELP
Various Volunteers
20th Annual Mayor's Job Fair
Mayor Jerry Demings

We're connecting YOU with YOUR community
here at Christian HELP! 
Your giving opens doors for families in need
through jobs, food, resources & hope.
Job fairs are back! Watch as
Mayor Demings gives his thoughts
on getting people back to work
thanks to you & your support!

Christmas Interview: 1270am the shepherd

Feeding families

Doug Prusak
Director of Development & Communications
Christian HELP
Various Staff, Clients, & Volunteers
Click to listen to our Christmas podcast with
Mike from 1270AM The Shepherd!
Doug shares on how you can help this
Season of Giving & give a child Christmas.
Your giving is feeding hundreds
of families a week. Thank you.
You're amazing. Click to watch
your giving at work!

Angel got a job!

Local families: Empowered

Christian HELP
Various Staff, Clients, & Volunteers
Watch & listen as Angel shares about his journey
of job-searching during a pandemic with
Christian HELP. We are so excited
for you Angel!
Check out your giving in action!
Your support in empowering families is real.
Watch as fresh groceries get sorted & delivered
to real, local families.

Pandemic Layoffs draw crowds to job fair

Your Business & CFEC

Video Source: WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando
CFEC Governor's Job Fair: 9/9/20
Logan Martin
Communications Coord. & Executive Asst.
WKMG News 6 did a story on how our
CFEC job fairs are  looking to help those unemployed
& affected by COVID-19 layoffs. We have companies
hiring, even in the current climate! You can stay current
with job fair info at 
As a business, you're aware times have changed.
The current employment climate has shifted,
but CFEC is with you every step of the way.
If your business wants find the right candidates,
email [email protected] to get involved in our job fairs & more.

Farmers to Families Food Program

The Faces of Hunger

Doug Prusak
Director of Development & Communications
Local Central Florida Families
The USDA is buying food from farmers, that otherwise
would not have been sold.  They are delivering vegetables, fruits,
dairy products, & poultry to multiple food pantries across the country. 
Christian HELP is in that program, and your giving
makes this food distribution possible.
These are the local families you're feeding.
These are the people you're helping. 

These are the neighbors you're supporting.
These are the men, women, & children you're saving.
These are the faces of hunger.

Radio Interview with Brandy Hastings of
96.5 WDBO

Volunteers: Essential Pieces
Volunteer Appreciation Week 2020

Doug Prusak
Director of Development & Communications
Various Roles & Positions
Doug shares his thoughts on how,
despite everything going on, it is still a good time
to better your career using Christian HELP's free services!
We asked our volunteers to share
how they were "Essential Pieces" at
Christian HELP while serving. We love their responses!

Radio Interview with Mike Gilland of
1270AM The Shepherd

Radio Interview with Pete Paquette of

Doug Prusak
Director of Development & Communications
Doug Prusak
Director of Development & Communications
Listen as Doug gives
a radio interview on our services
during this ongoing crisis.
Our Director of Development & Communications
gives another radio interview on COVID-19,
the community, & Christian HELP.

April Update

Client Thank-You

Vickie Martin
Executive Director
 Food Pantry Recipients
Listen to the latest update
from our Executive Director, as she
shares how your support is active in changing lives!
Some real clients want to say
thank you for your giving!

You're changing local lives with your support.

We're Essential.
Your support is essential.

"What's something positive
to  come out of this crisis?"

Vickie Martin
Executive Director
The Staff
Christian HELP
Tune in to hear how
Christian HELP is an essential service,
and your support is essential!
Our staff shares some of the positive things
they've seen come out of the current crisis.
There is still hope!

Thank you for supporting our Spring Match!

Spring Match 2020 Radio show

Christmas Extravaganza 2019 Radio show

Doug Prusak
Director of Development & Communications
Vickie Martin
Executive Director
Tune in to hear about
Christian HELP's Spring Match 2020,
where your investment is MATCHED up to $50,000!
Plus, listen to some other great happenings in the ministry.
Listen to our Executive Director share her story with 
The Shepherd Radio as she talks about her journey with our organization. 
Vickie also talks about what our mission and impact is 
during the holiday season in 2019!
Watch the highlights & footage
from our 2019 Annual Fundraiser...A Night of Hope!
Thank you to Full Sail & all our partners that made this night possible!
2018 Dinner & Dreams
Watch & listen to what our Executive Director, Vickie Martin,
& guest speakers say about Christian HELP's ministry in 2018!