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Britt Johnson

Volunteer Coordinator
Britt was first introduced to Christian HELP by the Honors College of Seminole State to fulfill volunteer requirements. Britt started off serving in the ministry’s Food Pantry, and at the Front Desk, but then was asked by our Executive Director to be her assistant when he could. Britt proved to have many gifts and to be quite resourceful with a passion to serve and to help people. He loves the Christian HELP mission and was an easy choice when a part-time position became available as a Care Manager. Britt works with a select group of clients helping them access all the Christian HELP programs and services available to them, as well as discover the community resources they need.
Britt is a recent graduate from Seminole State College, with a degree in Legal Studies. He now attends UCF pursuing a B.A. in Political Science. He one day aspires to become a lawyer and advocate for people in the community.
Britt has a passion for helping others, and faith that God will, and can, change anyone’s circumstances.