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"I know this place is where God called me to be next in my career."

Breanna’s journey took an unexpected turn when she faced a layoff in September. After four months of tirelessly searching for opportunities, she found herself at
Christian HELP, recommended by her church community. She came feeling anxious about not finding work but refused to settle for anything less than the perfect fit.
As time passed, Breanna’s confidence began to wane.
Our first meeting was pivotal. We delved into Breanna’s rich experience and job search tactics, uncovering a promising resume that markets her skills and talents. I encouraged Breanna to explore her network further, recognizing its untapped potential. Embracing the advice, Breanna embarked on a journey to bolster her connections, starting with our job fair.
Breanna began leveraging her connections and with a shift in her attitude towards her situation, she felt greater things were coming! In just three weeks of collaborative effort, Breanna found herself juggling multiple job offers, a testament to her resilience and newfound confidence.
Breanna accepted a role as Operations Manager at a local non-profit organization. Her decision was guided by a deep sense of purpose, as she remarked, “The team was warm and welcoming during each interview. 
I know this place is where God called me to be next in my career.”