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"I know what hard times feel like and how hard at times it is to put food on the table."

Christopher works for Philadelphia Insurance, a great company that believes in giving back to the community.  
That wasn't always the case.  
Christopher was a victim of the 2008 housing and stock market crash. He lost his job after 13 years of service. He was a single father of two children and had a mortgage to pay.
Recently, Christopher was part of a team from Philadelphia Insurance that was volunteering in our food pantry. It is one of many events that the company participates in each year.  
Christopher said, "this particular volunteer event with Christian HELP was special to me because when I was out of work, I relied on programs such as your organization. When the opportunity to give back came up, I jumped right on board."

"I was raised Roman Catholic & was an altar boy, and I learned in the Bible what is to give and help others. we must all plant seeds, and God will do the rest."

His return to our food pantry was emotional.
"Being there, working with others who give their time to serve others and serving with a smile -

seeing the faces of who we helped, boxing the food and assisting the members of the community,
reminded me of what it felt like to be helped when I was in need brought tears of joy to my heart."
Christopher is grateful for the impact Christian HELP had on his life and career. He plans to volunteer again soon.