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"I lost an $80,ooo job &
had a family to feed."

Eglin was a veteran who served our country and was now looking for work. He was a Captain in the Air Force had been a Squadron Officer. He had also just lost an $80,000/year job and had a family to feed.  
Eglin had extensive experience as a program manager and a solid resume but was growing frustrated in his search. He was starting to lower his standards and income expectations for an acceptable position and struggling with what to do next. Eglin turned to Christian HELP seeking a good job to provide for his family. We were honored to partner with this veteran as he sought to get his life back on track.  
We paired Eglin with Jeff, one of our care managers. Jeff and Eglin worked together, polishing and updating Eglin’s resume. They also developed Eglin’s sales pitch and his job search plan.  
Jeff also set up Eglin in our food pantry. Eglin and his family would be eligible to receive boxes of fresh food every two weeks 

from the pantry.  

Jeff and Eglin worked closely together for several more months. Jeff got Eglin focused, organized, and provided emotional support as Eglin started to get discouraged. Jeff also helped expand Eglin’s circle of research for jobs, suggesting alternative locations to look for work. With this expanded search, Eglin would soon land a couple of interviews for a job in his field. One of these interviews turned into a job as a full-time temporary project manager, which Eglin hoped would turn into a permanent position.  
It did not. 
Eglin came back to Christian HELP, determined to find work. Jeff and Eglin updated his resume. Eglin resumed receiving food pantry benefits. Jeff encouraged Eglin to pursue services for our veterans as well as looking for civilian jobs serving the military. They updated his job search plan. Eglin also expanded his networking circle, soon landing a phone interview with a former boss. In preparation for the interview, Jeff and Eglin strategized over responses and interviewing tactics.  
After nearly a year of working together, Eglin reported to Jeff that he had found a job, in his field, making more money than the original job he’d lost! Eglin was thrilled that the rollercoaster ride of finding a new job was over, and grateful for all that Christian HELP was able to do for him and his family over an extended period of struggle.