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Let go after 15 years of employment, evelyn was nervous about losing everything.

Evelyn came to Christian HELP in November 2020.
She had worked in Human Resources for 15 years, but was let go due the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. After having worked so hard for so long, Evelyn eventually had her house enter into forbearance after being let go. She worried about losing her home and with her only getting older, she was anxious that her age would affect her job prospects. Worries aside, Evelyn knew she had to get help to keep from losing everything. 
That's what brought her to Christian HELP in November.
Evelyn met virtually with her Care Manager, Galaxina.
With all the worries Evelyn had, Galaxina was able to work with her &
start to put her mind at ease.

Galaxina did a terrific job of building up Evelyn's confidence. They practiced mock interviews, which was a huge help as employers have shifted into virtual interviews through Zoom, Teams, etc. Despite not being in school, Evelyn also got "homework" from her Care Manager! Evelyn worked on her elevator pitch, which focused on her presenting herself to employers in a concise, focused manner.

After Evelyn worked diligently with Galaxina, all the time & effort she  put in paid off!
Evelyn got a new job with Advent Health in February! She was able to use the skills she acquired from her Care Manager appointments
& gain employment, despite all her initial worries. The best part is, Evelyn also got the salary she needed to pay her bills & keep her home.
Congrats Evelyn! We're proud of you, our Care Management team, and the donors that make these success stories possible.