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Jesus Christ came into my life when I was nine. My Mom and I were watching a movie, and I started asking her questions about Him. She answered my questions and then led me to the Lord. I was blessed to have a family where everyone had accepted Christ. We were not wealthy, but my parents set a solid foundation for my brother, sister, and me. Both of my parents were hard-working, genuine, and real people who set a fantastic example of how two imperfect people can be great parents through Jesus Christ.
Since then, I’ve faced many challenges. The blessing of being saved early in life has protected me from myself, and the protection of salvation has granted me more grace and mercy than I deserve.
I am a United States Marine who served one tour in Iraq. I am also the father of 3 sons, and a husband of 21 years. I love to spend time with my family, exercising, cooking, landscaping, and being a realtor. I believe a life full of balance, impact, and purpose-filled activities is one that will leave an enduring legacy, which is also the reason I am a supporter of
Christian HELP am now an active Board Member.