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Sheryl got a job with Express as part-time Assistant Keyholder, making $13.00 hour, 
but that is not how her story started.

Sheryl got a job with Express as part-time Assistant Keyholder, making $13.00 hour, but that is not how her story started.
COVID-19 infected & affected much of the world in 2020-2021. Things we took for granted like traveling, going to concerts, and even getting our hair done was replaced with isolation, streaming services, & homemade haircuts. It's no surprise that as a make-up artist, Sheryl had her income & way of life flipped upside-down with COVID-19's appearance. Sheryl came to Christian HELP looking for multiple income paths to make her self-sufficient in a world that where employment opportunities changed in a matter of a year. Sheryl met virtually with her Care Manager & started looking for part-time work, as she had just started a home business that she wanted to grow.
Despite COVID-19 & the challenges that created, Sheryl had ambition driving her to change her story. Continued encouragement, support, & resources from her Care Manager also allowed her to continue her job search despite the difficult times.

Sheryl also wanted to go back to school to work on getting some certificates to help her expand her options in the movie and show industries.  She was set on making herself as marketable as possible, while maintaining the freedom & growth of her home business.  To become marketable in her job search journey, Sheryl learned how to adjust her resume to the various jobs she was applying for, which got her ready to attend one of the 6 job fairs Christian HELP offers through our CFEC program. 
Sheryl attended the job fair & applied to multiple positions. Her goals were to increase her income, allow time to grow her home business, & stay open to different opportunities. Her successes at the job fair were amazing! Sheryl didn't get 1 or 2 offers, but multiple offers for different positions from the employers at the job fair! Sheryl ultimately chose the position with Express because it gave her more flexibility for her schedule. After prayer, hard work, virtual Care Manager meetings, resume reviews & perseverance, Sheryl was able to find the job that would meet her needs.
We are so grateful to our Care Managers, donors, & supporters that make stories like Sheryl's possible. Congrats Sheryl!