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It’s simple. Each year with your support, Christian HELP gets to be a part of so many stories like the one you’re about to read. These are stories of families who are facing challenges, struggling to survive and make ends meet. They turn to Christian HELP for assistance finding a job, or maybe a better job. They also turn to us for food, prayer, resources and hope.

Take a moment to read below Lili’s powerful story of persistence, patience, and prayer.

"It was overwhelming to face my challenging life,
& with an autistic child..."

When Lili first came to Christian HELP, she was working numerous part-time jobs and operating her own home cleaning business to provide for her and her school-aged children. Her husband had abandoned her and their children. He left the country and was not providing any financial support. Lili told us that "it was overwhelming to face my challenging life, and with an autistic child. I had to stay strong, be positive and stay focused. It was not easy."

Lili has a master's degree from an international university, but did not have a good resume. She came to Christian HELP looking for assistance with writing a resume and finding work.
She was paired up with one of our care managers, Jeff, and a new resume was created. Jeff also worked with Lili on her networking skills and other job search tactics that she desperately needed.
The Christian HELP Food Pantry was made available to Lili to ensure her children did not go hungry and that she did not have to use what little money she had to buy groceries. There she was able to get meat, bread, fruit, vegetables and so much more.
When Lili was interview ready” we saw to it that she had appropriate attire for interviews and for work. It took some time, but Lili was persistent, patient and prayerful. Jeff says that she was committed to finding a solid job to support herself, and that she did!
Lili recently notified Jeff that she found a permanent full-time position with a hotel management company as an acquisition specialist. She is so excited for the job and the career possibilities it opens up.
Lili told Jeff, Now I can take care of her family and I am grateful for all Christian HELP did to get me back on my feet. The heart of serving and glorifying God shines at Christian Help. I received so much support mentally and spiritually. I can never thank Christian HELP enough for all their support."

"I can never thank Christian HELP enough for all their support."

Success stories like this are the result of your generosity. Together, we are empowering family independence, creating a healthier community and keeping our economy strong – one family at a time... and all without state or federal funding.

Christian HELP relies on our generous supporters and Gods blessings to serve our clients. Please consider partnering with us to empower those families and have your generous gift matched.