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Vickie Martin

Executive Director
Originally from a small town in Central Illinois, called Pekin (pronounced Pee-kin not Peck-in), Vickie’s family moved to Orlando in the late 60’s, but then moved back and forth between IL and FL a lot, even moving to OK City for a year at one point. It was there that she began volunteering in a local hospital. She loved it so much she would serve two 8-hour shifts back to back sometimes.
Vickie believes all these moves helped her adapt to new environments easily and make friends quickly.
By 1981 Vickie had graduated high school early, decided to make Central Florida her home and began attending Seminole Community College full-time while holding down her first full-time job as a receptionist.
Fast forward to the 90’s and Vickie became a wife and mother and started her career in administration and leadership.
Vickie has always loved to read and learn and laugh and as the Executive Director of Christian HELP believes that this is more important than ever in her role.
She makes time to read every day, learn all year long and laugh at herself or the comedy of others frequently.
She enjoys working out, but is known for an occasional indulgence in red velvet cake, peanut M & Ms, and

Mountain Dew, but not all at once!