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Yolette came to one of the first Central Florida Employment Council job fairs after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. She met Paulette, our job fair director, while at the event. Paulette saw Yolette’s potential and quickly connected her with Kim, one of our volunteer Care Managers.
“Yolette had been applying for jobs but was a little shy about using certain job search platforms. 

She wasn’t sure how to navigate them to her advantage.”  
Yolette had also been sending out resumes, but not getting responses. She was getting frustrated.  
Together, Kim and Yolette updated her resume and refined her approach to searching for a job. They also worked on her interviewing skills. She learned to target companies she was interested in. One of those companies happened to be Community Health Centers, which had just become a cfec.org Preferred Employer Partner. They also had an opening in the field that Yolette was looking for. Yolette submitted her updated resume and applied for the job.

She would get an interview, and soon after, a job! 
“I am so grateful for Paulette and Kim. They were both so helpful and really took an interest in helping me. It was nice to know that they cared enough about me as an individual to work together for me. I am thrilled with my new job and grateful to God for the team at Christian HELP.”  

Yolette is back in the workforce and a Christian HELP business partner filled a position. This win-win happened because of you, our generous donor. We are grateful for your support.  
So is Yolette.